Zero: A New Beginning #A2ZChallenge

One of my personal favorites from Hollywood stable has been “The curious case of Benjamin Button” wherein the central character ages in reverse manner. As years pass by, people around him keep growing old where as he gets younger. I am not sure if that’s a bliss or curse.

Although, I have no complains whatsoever from the script Almighty has written for me, I would have loved the life like Benjamin’s, where being old first I have that patience to understand and understanding about fragility, stinginess and delicateness of life before being a carefree young person. Wishful thinking one might say!!!
Mine is a regular life, just as yours. Being born and getting older and living in between before we all die. I always believed in seize the happiness whenever I had a chance. I love to travel, eat and I am very talkative, or must I say I used to be very talkative?

Ohh!!! Did I introduce myself to you? This old age, I must tell you… so let me tell you my name before I forget that too. I am Antara, an old lady who is content on her death bed. I am more than 65 years now, I have led a very happy life. But, now I want to go. In this age, what can make an old woman more content than being surrounded by all my children and their kids.

I am unwell and hence, neither I can see them clearly, nor I can hear them. Still the mere feeling of the family being around at this point and time is wonderful. I don’t have strength to speak loud enough for them to hear, hence I am talking to all of you. I want to share the story of my life, my untold feelings, my guffaws and tears with you. Will you listen to this story, or should I say a love story? Yes, that’s why I am in a rush to go, where? Of course, to heaven. For that’s where my love is waiting for me and I can’t keep waiting for long without him around me.

I remember on our first date he waited for 4 long hours to see me, even though it might sound little cocky but I love to see him do that. But not anymore!

0945967482b2a6c7d32c742bba6afe12--astral-projection-spirit-science (1)
Pic Courtesy : Pintrest

Do you see? See that sharp, pristine, pure white light? Now is my time. But I will share my journey with you.

In recent times, the Digital Content Streaming has been booming, I remember a line from a series
Sacred Games. Like Ganesh Gaitonde said “Jab tak ye khel khatam nahi hoga, apun idhar ich hai”


Tech savvy grandma?? Well, that’s just a tip of the iceberg!! There’s more to come in subsequent stories.

This blog of part of #A2Z Challenge, there will be 26 blogs in this series all the blogs are in continuation. I am writing them from Z to A, as the story also flows from Death towards life. Hope you enjoy knowing Antara’s journey.

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40 thoughts on “Zero: A New Beginning #A2ZChallenge

  1. Interesting premise in your theme. I like the story of Benjamin Button. I’ve considered a character with that reverse aging thing and it’s tricky to write.
    Your story sounds like it will be an enjoyable one.
    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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