Sonu Nigam Sings for me Tonight #A2Zchallenge

Few weeks ago, we landed in London. Ketki was expecting and I have become a Nani now. Can you believe it? Yes!! Ketki has given birth to a cute little baby doll. She is just so adorable, Ketki’a doppleganger. Big, beautiful brown eyes and curly mop for hair. We are yet to name her. Both baby and mommy are doing well. Here in United Kingdom, maternity and paternity leave policies are very conducive unlike back home. Thus, both the parents are completely enjoying being busy with the new born. First experience of being parent is special and overwhelming. Daughters are always very special and though they are papa’s babies, they share a strong bong with their mums. Specially after marriage when they realise why and how their mums behaved and did what they did! You must have heard your mum saying “khud mummy banogi tab pata chalega”. While the parents are busy with pampering the new born and I have some free time here, while surfing through internet I got a wonderful image with a huge message, wait I will share the same with you.


Isn’t it beautiful, how it’s all connected?
Suvin an I were doing some grocery shopping when I came across a pamphlet, that reads “All Izz Well” UK concerts. It is slated for Sunday. And can you believe the lead singer? Sonu Nigam! I love that boy, He sings old songs like no one.
Moreover, the show is happening in Wembley Arena which is a huge indoor arena in Wembley. With 12,500 seats, it is London’s second-largest indoor place for live performances. Its situated next to the famous Wembley Stadium, which hosts sports events. Both are in the heart of Wembley Park. This is a premier entertainment destination due to its connectivity, facility and comfort. It is well connected by London Tube, over-ground transport as well as buses. There is ample car parking available, there are number of bars, cafes and food outlets inside the premises.

Shreem Events-Sonu concert Poster
shreem events pamphlet

So I am behind Suvin to book the tickets. We have never been to a live concert before as all these concerts usually are evening events. It wasn’t possible when kids were young and we didn’t get our chance. Not anymore! Sonu, here I come.

14th Nov 2010, The Day

I am settling everything that Ketki and the baby would need in my absence. Sameer is here to take care. We’re ready to leave.
We preferred reaching there by public transport rather than fussing about parking.
The Wembley arena is far more impressive than I had heard about. We got seats from where we can see the performance close enough. There is always a benefit of reaching early.


While we were checking in, the usher welcomed us with folded hands in Namaste! I was somehow getting a feeling of ‘payback time’ for firangs. They had ruled us for 300 years and here we were, in their motherland for a concert in our mother tongue. Suvin reminded me we were only attending concert, not doing a mutiny against East India Company.

The entire stadium fluttered with tri color. Vande Mataram was probably the theme of the evening.

Unlike other stars, Sonu performed for entire one hour. And the boy wins my heart by singing my all-time favourite numbers. Like ‘Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune’, ‘Tu jaha jaha chaley ga Mera Saya’, ‘Phoolon Ke Rang Se Dil ki kalam se” and many more such evergreen songs. The entire crowd is singing and swaying with him. The atmosphere is electric.

When I glanced at Suvin, i was in a state of utter shock. The guy rest his head to his chair. And he slept peacefully. He amazes me how can someone doze off amidst 2000 db of music? But, I kinda liked that moment. He was not into Bollywood genre at all. And he came along just to be with me. I kissed him softly on cheek. And then, slapped him awake. Startled, he woke up.

I was so happy, we ticked one more wish from the bucket list across seven oceans, When Sonu Sang All is Well we were dancing with him like kids, jumping and living life together just the way we always wanted.


This blog of part of #A2Z Challenge, there will be 26 blogs in this series all the blogs are in continuation. I am writing them from Z to A, as the story also flows from Death towards life. Hope you enjoy knowing Antara’s journey.


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34 thoughts on “Sonu Nigam Sings for me Tonight #A2Zchallenge

  1. I have been to Wembley, it is a really big one and beautiful. I wish I could have got the chance to Sonu Nigam concert. Your enjoyment can be seen in every single word of this post. Great one!


  2. Well…you had me stumped using the letter ‘S’ today. It appears you’re going in reverse order to the rest of the A2Zers. I’m sure you have a reason for this and I missed it along the way, perhaps in your theme reveal you explained. Sadly, I don’t believe I caught that post but then there are many I did not. The pregnancy meme is one I’ve seen before and I think it’s totally awesome. Congrats on being a grandmother. We became grandparents for the first time last October. I was fortunate to be a part of the birthing process which was an incredible experience. Happy a2zing1

    Catch my latest art sketch in this month’s A2Z Challenge. My theme is The Little Mermaid and today’s feature is H is for ‘HAMMERHEAD’ shark!


  3. Ujjwal, I ran through the comment section to see how many congratulatory messages you had received for becoming a granny. I am sure you can understand how well this narrative is when people forget fiction with non fiction. Well done girl.


  4. I love Sonu Nigam! He sings Rafi songs like no one else and can beautifully ape his singing style too.
    Loved how the story shaped up today. Ticking one thing after another off their bucket list. Way to go!


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