Obsession for the bespangled #A2Zchallenge

While I have been taking you down memory lane for last couple of days, amongst all my special memories, this one is absolutely different.

Suvin has passion for star gazing, of course apart from loving me. LOL! He has got himself a wonderful telescope from his last visit to USA. I have also seen so many beautiful stars and planets through it. Although, I don’t know much about the technical specification of that piece, but it has its own tripod. He can spend hours looking into the sky, I am ok with it. In my opinion, everyone should have some hobby. It helps one de-stress from our daily hullabaloo. I myself am fond of gardening. not so sci-fi. But, it gives me peace. Sometimes, I think Suvin is trying to discover something and become famous. If he ever finds a star, he will name it Antara. No prices for guessing.


Winters are over and it’s that time of the year when there’s no need for room heaters or Air Conditioner. Holi has also just passed by. While we were browsing through news channels at dinner time, when we came across some news related to some terrestrial and celestial rare event. Best part is, it was available to watch from Indian sky. Cool!! ‘We can watch it through the telescope Suvin has.’ I thought to myself.

Suddenly, Suvin got up excited and said, “Pack our bags for 2-3 days, we are going to Udaipur”. I was like,” What? Are you ok? Can we eat first?” He said “Don’t you understand? This is once in a lifetime, rarest and amazing astronomical event. If we don’t see it this time, this doesn’t repeat until 2040, and I don’t think we will be on earth by then.” His excitement was child like. I still resisted, “We anyways have a super telescope at home, and what’s there in Udaipur? And what are we going to see by going all the way?”

Leaning against dining table, he said, “Udaipur has a Solar Observatory which was built in 1976, on an island in the Fateh Sagar lake.  As it is amidst water body, it experiences lesser air turbulence which occurs due to ground heating by sun’s rays. That way, we get better image quality and accuracy. It has been built and designed on the lines of the solar observatory at the Big Bear Lake in Southern California.”.

“And what is so rare about this event?” I interrupted

He said “It’s rare because the planetary alignment is going to be such that 5 major planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury will be clearly visible in the same part of sky, almost in one line. The phenomenon is being referred to as a clumping or clustering or alignment of the planets. And Darling, its rare because normally these planets don’t come in same elliptic path. Ancient Greeks used to address as Highway of the Gods”! He ran his fingers across his ears in the sign of superiority

“That sounds really interesting, but how can we leave just like that, we won’t get train ticket so soon” I continued.

And just like a Pro who juggled all the best answers, “Don’t worry,  we will go by road. I will drive” he confidently said.

So here we are, we leave tomorrow early morning. It’s tough but I love such impromptu travels. I am not very much into astrophysics, but I can go, not just to watch stars but up to the stars for this man. I will also take him somewhere one day, where he isn’t interested but I am. May be to some Bollywood jig!

It was no less travel, it was 11 hours journey. By the time we reached we were only in position to sleep. We planned to go to observatory next morning.

Its morning, and before I got up Suvin is ready with his gadgets, essentials and his beloved observation copy, yes, he keeps making notes of things he sees. The lazy and less interested me also got ready as fast as I could. We are in a boat to reach there. I got to know at that time that this place isn’t open for tourist. However, Suvin was into so many national and International groups who study about these celestial movements, we were allowed inside. I am so proud of my man. I underestimated his passion and contribution as mere hobby.

udaipur tourism co in

pic: Udaipur tourism

The place is beautiful, many telescopes are kept and used as per need. We waited for the sun to set.

The sky started to glitter with starts, and everyone was so excited to make notes and see. It was indeed beautiful. All the 5 planets on the same axis, just magical. Suvin was busy discussing his notes with officials there, they seem impressed and so was I. when he got a little free it was darker, the sky was full of starts. “They say Aurora Lights are beautiful over Nordic sky. Would we ever go there Suvin?”, I asked. “It’s such a waste of time.”, Suvin replied without even peeping out of his telescope. He was rude. But I loved that too.

five-planets-align-mercury-venus-mars-jupiter-saturn-17 abc news
Pic: ABC news

I kept seeing one star after the other from the telescope allotted to us, and he kept explaining me about every star, then I saw a meteor and you can guess what I did.

Yes I wished for our love and happiness to stay strong as long as exist.


This blog of part of #A2Z Challenge, there will be 26 blogs in this series all the blogs are in continuation. I am writing them from Z to A, as the story also flows from Death towards life. Hope you enjoy knowing Antara’s journey.

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31 thoughts on “Obsession for the bespangled #A2Zchallenge

  1. Ha, it’s surely a unique interest. I use to sleep on the terrace in my childhood, looking at those dark skies smiling with few stars, falling one and what not. Grown up, I did buy a similar telescope from USA but no more time or interest 🙂 Priorities changed. Thanks for kindling my interest back…
    And you are so advanced! in A2ZChallenge too !


  2. This must be a great experience. I love to explore the planets and the stars feel I am connected somewhere but I forgot about it in my daily routine I feel reminded now.


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