London Dreams #A2ZChallenge

Time seems to be a big Red Bull fan, it not only runs but flies. I vividly remember the day when kids were born and today, they have come back home after attending some students’ education fair. Both have made up their mind for what they want to study further and where. They plan to go to London. One to study economics and other one medicine. Until yesterday, they wanted my help in deciding what to wear for birthday parties and what to order at restaurant. And today, they are taking such important decisions by themselves. Of course, they have kept their darling dad in confidence. “Ye sab ki mili bhagat hai”. “Meri to koi value hi nahi hai.” Time flies!

London School of Economics

All my arguments have failed to convince them that Delhi also has all world class colleges, and there is no need for anyone to go anywhere. Whatever they want to study, they can do it here, right in front of my eyes. Looking for someone to support my plea, I called Pratima. She can probably make them understand my point of view or I thought so for two reasons one as she is a mom too and second, she is my friend and I wanted her to speak with Suvin. But, surprise oh surprise! Suvin seems to have corrupted entire ecosystem. She is also siding them and trying to convince me back. I am so not ready to let them go away, no one comes back once they leave home. Why are they doing this to me?? I have asked it so many times to myself.

Imperial College, London

It’s been a few days now, and I have understood that all this is not going to help. The time has come for our little birds to leave their nest. The process of submitting admission forms, document and other bells and whistle has started. Both the kids have received scholarship for their courses. Although not 100%, but still a respite. The only condition Suvin has put in front of them is, they will have to take student’s loan for the remaining admission fees. They readily accepted. And right now, if I ask them to stand straight on their head, they will do that also. Horrible adulthood!! They just want to go and live their dream. I am happy that they can be independent. The planning phase is over and now it’s execution time. We both are going to see their college campus, and other arrangements. One of Suvin’s relative is settled in London he has suggested some residential areas near campus. We are planning to rent a flat where they can stay together and we can also drop by whenever we want to. Apart from telling my parents about Suvin and I, sending these two abroad has been the toughest and most challenging project. We leave tomorrow morning. Everything is ready, even looking at their packed bags at the door is making me wanna cry. Moms are foolhardy, aren’t they?

World’s busiest Airport – Heathrow

We landed at the huge Heathrow Airport. It is HUGE!!! There is a lot of walking till we reach the baggage counter, then immigration, then an underground tube to South Kensington. This where Imperial college is situated, where Ketki is planning to pursue MBBS. For accommodation purpose we will see something midway for both of them, somewhere like Belgravia or St. James Street. Let see. We have just landed. The flight was good, yet tiring. We have go go to colleges see the campus, get the joining formalities done, buy essentials. So many things to be taken care of, I am not moving back from here, till I am sure they will be good by themselves.



This blog of part of #A2Z Challenge, there will be 26 blogs in this series all the blogs are in continuation. I am writing them from Z to A, as the story also flows from Death towards life. Hope you enjoy knowing Antara’s journey.

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39 thoughts on “London Dreams #A2ZChallenge

  1. I can almost feel for Antara. Tuneer started his school since yesterday and I’m already feeling so lonely without him. The kids and Suvin have opted for London and now she has no option but to give in.


  2. Great post with greater news. What can be better than one kid going to Imperial College and another to London School of Economics! Bright kids. Thrilling journey of life begins.


  3. I mean really!! You have such bright kids, both have taken uo world’s best colleges. Amazing job there mommy.
    Yes, seeing kids leaving nest can be heart wrenching but that’s what life is.


  4. Empty Nest Syndrome…tell me about it! Husband passed away, struggled to give the kids a strong foundation and both flew away, I know we cannot clip their wings and they have to fly but it is very tough to cope…For Antara, it is a story.


  5. My niece is visiting this week and it seems each visit the talk turns more and more to college and what to do next. She still has a year of high school left, but all I can think about is where did the little girl go that I couldn’t get off the swings.
    See what I’m obsessed with at Girl Who Reads


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