Kaleidoscope called Life #A2ZChallenge

What is a Kaleidoscope? In simple words it’s a Tube which has minimum two mirrors and few loose pieces of colorful glass or plastic inside it at one end and when you look from the other end you see many different patterns when you keep turning the tube.

But its not that simple, if you know what a kaleidoscope stands for. Its constantly changing yet symmetrical pattern symbolizes Change, a thing that changes constantly. Its various colors and forms symbolize your escape in time of trouble and self-doubt.

Doesn’t it sound like life? Like when going smooth seems so boring, the routine seems rut but if we add a few colors to it, it starts changing for good. These colors can be initiated by us like exercise in the morning, walk with your partner after dinner or whenever you get time or pursuing some hobby. I sometimes feel taking a break from routine gives a boost to mind and body both. I have always believed in the theory of, “time changes”, independent of if it’s a good time or bad, it changes. Just like time our life keeps on changing, rather it must keep on changing.

As kids we see our life in a very different perspective, and when we are adult, we see that same life with same pair of eyes but with a different perspective. So, you and I are different because we have a different outlook, towards everything that is happening. Not just that how we see ourselves and how the person next to you sees you is completely different.

When I was working in corporate word, one day our HR has arranged for a session with few Image Consultants, they gave us an activity. We have to right two characteristics of ourselves on one side of paper and on the other side we have to write two characteristics of the person on our left. When they asked everyone to read about what they think of themselves and what the person on their right thinks about them, there was a gap. It was not because one of them was wrong, it was because they both had different perspective about life.

As they say Change is the only constant thing, if we keep changing and accepting the change along the way, the life gets smoother. Growing up and then growing old is a constant thing, but how do you take this aging makes all the difference.

Menopause-Symptoms-everyday health
Pic: everydayhealth.com

Why am I being so analytical about the changes in life, ummm you may blame it on my Menopause. Its not just a physical change, I am going thru a lot of emotional and psychological changes too. I have spoken to my family as this period is going to be more than six months, and my mood swings affect them too so its good to keep them in loop. After Puberty, Menopause is the biggest change that comes into a woman’s life. How well I handle it will make my next few years, and I don’t want to be a grumpy old women, do you agree?


This blog of part of #A2Z Challenge, there will be 26 blogs in this series all the blogs are in continuation. I am writing them from Z to A, as the story also flows from Death towards life. Hope you enjoy knowing Antara’s journey.

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20 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope called Life #A2ZChallenge

  1. Yes. Menopause is a difficult phase. Emotional change ,mood swings and fear of old age all together.
    Very well written Ujjwal


  2. Life is full of phases. I have seen my mom suffering from Menopause physically and mentally. Everyone should know these things and give space to women so that they can conquer this change of life.


  3. Have seen Mom undergo this and my heart cried out for her. We women have so much to face hmm. But we all wanna age gracefully and beautifully hope I make it to that ways.


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