Payback time! But When? #WoWe

This wilderness isn’t me, this inert state isn’t really me. Once I was full of life, there was so much to give, share, love, cherish and nurture. What you see today is a result of carelessness, Greed and selfishness.

My children, Yes, they are my children, who did this to me. I failed to teach them that “They have to first give, to get and not vice versa”. But they only robbed me of all my resources, I gave till the last drop I had but it was never enough for their greed. They started fighting each other to get more shares of my resources and finally their lethal weapons left me in the pool of blood and pulp.

Don’t pity me, you are equally responsible to my state or I should say our collaborative future. Even you are my child, I am mother earth. Rather than feeling sorry for me, act. It’s still time, please stop robbing me of my resources, its all yours but utilize it wisely and give more than you take for all of us to live happily. I can fulfill your needs; however, I doubt if I can say the same for your greed.

Word count: 199

This blog has been written on the prompt given by hosts Mayuri and Rashi.

Hello and welcome to #WoWe hashtag for this Blog Hop called Words On Wednesday.

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Hello and welcome to #WoWe our hashtag for this Blog Hop called Words On Wednesday.

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6 thoughts on “Payback time! But When? #WoWe

  1. You’re so right Ujjwal. We have only taken from our mother Earth. Hardly given her what she needs. Parents are like that, isn’t it. Always giving. Always loving. Sad at not recieving yet giving without a question. Nice take, Ujjwal. Thanks for writing in. 🙂

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  2. We know but we still conveniently forget to do our bit when it comes to conserving our mother Earth, our nature, our surroundings. Though we are learning it in a hard way, much lessons are still not learnt. Thought provoking take on the prompt Ujjawal.

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