Have we lost value of freedom of our country?

In our life as an Indians we get patriotic in bouts. During cricket matches, while watching a patriotic movie, on independence and republic day are few of the moments when we get patriotic, what about the rest of the year?

The movement and fight for freedom was spanned a total of 90 years (1857–1947) and it’s just been 73 years since the day India marked its first Independence Day on 15th of August, 1947. More than thousands of known and unknown freedom fighters have sacrificed their life for this freedom and even today many soldiers are martyred to guard this freedom. Then what went wrong that “Chak de India” is just a succulent tag line and not a state of mind of every Indian.

We have so many expectations from government, society but what about the responsibilities. When have you last time told story of a freedom fighter or story of the struggle of freedom as a bedtime story to your kids. If you are told today that your country loves you as much as you love it and will give you as much as you have been giving back to it, will you be happy or sad??? Think before you answer.

Suppose tomorrow morning the basic three things that a person needs in first few hours when they wake up water, electricity and road are unavailable. what will we do? how will we start our routine? The normal daily life that we live is because we live in a stable country. If we get up in a war-torn country like Syria, what will you do, is it then we will understand the importance of current state of our country. We all have list of things our country is lacking in as compared to other developed countries, have we even tried to inculcate that level of discipline in our own lives towards our country that is shown by people in developed countries?? Citizens of Israel and Switzerland by default server the army before starting any other job, citizens of Spain, Austria and Belgium have a compulsory organ donation system in place. We never teach our kids to keep country first we are so selfish. What we do? we throw garbage on roads, follow traffic lights only when police is watching us, urinate in public is that our love and effort to make our country beautiful. I personally know people who disregard their own country but once they are abroad they never throw garbage on road, hold on to urinate till they reach home or at a right place, then why do we give this “step-country” treatment to our own country? These those thousands of people left their loved ones and fought to see this day?

The height of our recklessness is we burn our very own buses and trains when we get influenced and go on road against government, so forget that it is not governments but our own property. This infrastructure is created from our hard-earned money paid in form of taxes.

In May 2017 Indian railways launched a brand new Tejas trains, right from its speed to 22 new features like jerkless seats, larger berths, designer interiors and green toilet system was there. In its maiden journey from Goa to Mumbai the train returned with scratched touchscreens, stolen headphones, broken vending machines, torn seat covers who is responsible for all this? our neighboring countries, whom we blame or our own countrymen, who don’t value national property.

Government launches new schemes every day, we spend the most on healthcare and education still why are we so behind other countries, because these schemes don’t reach the needy. They get manipulated by politicians and bureaucrats. While I was talking to my maid when the elections were near, she said it doesn’t matter if the current government is working or not, they will have to vote to a party which their village head man will decide, and we all know how these head men must be deciding. If that’s the state of democracy how are we going to change this loosing value of freedom earned. We even have politicians who demean the highest sacrifice of a solider by saying they are doing their job, can we even think of staying in Siachen glaciers for one day even if we get paid or go and face the enemy in the rain of bullets because we get salary? It’s not possible without the love for the country. So, can we really change the situation, before it actually goes out of our hands?

YES, we all mothers can save mother India. As they say a woman makes or breaks a family, and families together make a nation. If every mother cultivates this thought of “Nation First” in their kids then once they grow up no executive will be corrupt, no politician will try to divide the country on the name of religion, race, cast and creed. Kids who have grown up with stories about patriotism, freedom fighters and brave soldiers instead of meaning less nursery rhymes is when this country will gain its due respect, by its own countrymen. On this Independence Day can we all mothers promise mother India to change her state and adopt and teach our kids how and why we need to value our country? Can we start doing only one act in a day towards giving back to the soil, it can be as easy as disciplining our kids not to throw garbage on road, not to bully anyone based on the differences in personalities we have, not to urinate on walls, not to bribe anyone to get our work done fast.

We see many vehicles with stickers on them of ‘Bhagat Singh’ saying “lagta hai wapas aana padega…”. Lets promise all the souls who sacrificed for our freedom that “No, we are taking care of the country, you laid your life for now we will take it up. You can rest peacefully”

Let’s start with one thing-one mother-one day…… and mother India will see a new dawn at least by next Independence Day, a true Independence Day.

At last the lines of the famous song come to my mind “Ae, mere watan ke logo… jara aankh mein bharlo paani, jo shahid hue hai unki jara yaad karo kurbani”

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27 thoughts on “Have we lost value of freedom of our country?

  1. That’s a thought provoking post Ujjwal. You are right. We have start with one small step at a time. I second you on the point that many people when go abroad start following the basic civic rules with such an ease then what goes wrong when they return to their home country?

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  2. Beautiful article. Agree we as citizens need to be more aware specially for our country. I’m lucky to be in a family who serve for nation and I can say yes to many of your queries in the post. I’m proud as a family we serve for nation. We surely need to create more awareness for valuing the country’s resources and respect & take care of country as we take care of our own house.

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  3. Absolutely important point – teach kids to keep nation first by small steps like cleanliness, conserving resources, cooperating with govt.

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  4. I’m in love with your post. Boondh Boondh se ghada bharta hai and the same way every small step counts, every family in each corner of India should implement these values in the kids. The future will be bright!
    Subscribed for more such posts 🙂

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  5. Well said. As parents we should be instilling values, morals and good habits that inculcate the love for our country, in our kids early on. These will give our children a strong foundation to love, respect and value our country’s heritage and resources.

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  6. Had our freedom fighters lived today they would have been utterly confused if they sacrificed everything for the current state of the nation. Most of us, remember them on national holidays, republic and independence days or during terror attacks. We completely forgot our responsibilities.
    kudos your post and thoughts.

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  7. I second your thoughts, can’t agree more on this. We are not valuing our freedom and now also we are surrounded and bounded the things which should be changed.


  8. What you mentioned in your post is so true, we all try to point fingers at the authorities.. But what are we doing from our end to take that leap of faith and step out and bring a change..? Something we need to think about.. Thanks for sharing this..

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  9. Each thought counts and every step matters, what is required out of us is to be aware of our surroundings and take care of our country’s assets. We can’t blame anyone for being ignorant and reckless. We have to change for a better tomorrow. What a brilliant post. Loved reading it.

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  10. very true. Indian have lost the attitude of gratitude. They don’t appreciate what they have. we are more responsible for our state than anyone else. lets respect our country and stand up for it. 🙂


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