Book Review- UNREAD

Finally I read the UNREAD, and here is the detailed review

Name of the book: UNREAD

Author   : 100 writers, Platform for artists

Publication: FanatiXx Publication

Number of pages: 143


About: Platform for Artist

Pune based social enterprise- ‘Platform For Artists’ is working towards building a network among different artists all over the country. Spread out predominantly across 8 cities every month, namely Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Indore and Nagpur. They have hosted more than 300 projects and are a strong community of 10,000 artists.


About the book:

UNREAD‘ is a recent anthology published by Platform For Artists. It is a collection of literary works written by 99 writers, poets, story-tellers across the country. This includes 30 published authors, community builders like Sharanya Rajgopal from Terribly Tiny Tales, Kopal Khanna from Tape A Tale, Foram Shah from Spill Poetry, Devanshu Padia from The Quill Company, bloggers like Srishti Tehri, Stuti Gupta and 70 aspiring writers who haven’t yet seen the light of the stage. This book is an amalgamation of English and Hindi poetries, short stories and dialogues.



First of all, the intent and emotion behind this book is great. Collaborative work of such vast variety of artists and creative people. It is in fact the country’s biggest interactive art project. Its an anthology and that the best part. I like reading the variety this book offers, may it be artists, their writing style, type of content and even the language. This book has stories or poems in English as well as Hindi. Some poems are about growing love, and some are about heart break. Some are inspirational and some give peace to the broken heart.

They have intelligently named it 100 writers however the actual write up is by 99 writers and one place is left vacant for the reader to contribute. So, the platform is great, you can hop in too.

This book has many heart touching poems, so if you like it more than prose then this is the book for you.

It’s a not very long book and can be read in a single go without being bored.


 Rating: 4.5/5

Do grab your copy, it can be a great companion in journey too.

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