8 Rarest Breeds Of Man’s Best Friend

Dog!! It entered my life just about 4 years back. Until then, I was so scared of dogs that I would change my course if I spotted one lazing over or walking towards me wagging his tail. I am sure many of you too are not very comfortable around a dog; in my family, my mother and brother both were bitten by dogs when they were kids and I naturally inherited the fear. Well, about four years back, we had a home aquarium. My son and I could stare forever at the vivid colors of cichlid for hours and marvel at their beauty. Once we went to the pet shop to get new fishes, there were two cute Labrador Retriever puppies in a cage. The pet shop owner was also a dog breeder, or trader, or both?! My husband wanted to cuddle the pups. So the store guy let them out of the cage. To my horror, instead of going to my husband, one of them ran towards me and Hell!! I was so shit scared. I jumped up on a big table and yelled at the owner to take them away. It sounds kinda funny now, but it was not at that point, at least for me. My husband and the store guy couldn’t but smile silently.

Suddenly, it seemed the fishes were a passe and my son started haggling for a dog. That grew so much that I started feeling like a spoilsport at home. And as usual, I gave up to his demands. My husband wanted an Alsatian but the breeder handed over a Labrador Retriever. For my son, any breed would do as long as it looked cute. And was the pup cute? Hell Yeah!! Cuter than Aladdin’s Genie! On our way back from the shop, I preferred to drive and my husband held the pup in his hand. Driving like a serpentine in that crowded market made more sense to me than holding a 32 days old puppy. I was scared. Early next morning, my husband had a flight to catch. And here I was. Left with a puppy who needed ceralac to be fed and wanted to keep his paw on my hand for him to sleep well. He was so small and away from his mom. We discovered a bond in our respective helplessness. And I guess he adopted me as his mom, before I could accept him for a baby! In the eye of panic, I found a special bond. He is four now. He keeps following me everywhere. He is so pampered that sometimes we think he forgets that he is a dog and owns everything right from our sofa to bed.Ginger inspired me to learn more about the dogs and write this article. In last couple of months, I have read about big dogs, aggressive dogs, loyal dogs, royal dogs. Basically, all type of dogs. I am sharing my perspective about rarest dog breeds with you. Those that are baby to some people and are all bred for special purposes.

ginger baby

I was scared of this fur ball

So here you go woof woof!!

  1. Little Lion Dog


Imagine a lion coming under ‘Honey, I shrunk the kids!’ machine and getting miniaturised. Well, that’s a Little Lion Dog for you. Nothing changes but the size. A 1:50 scale version of Lion. Also known as Löwchen, this falls in small breed category. A toy dog and a non-sporting dog, this is perfect for people who want a less maintenance pet! Fun at the back yard? Yes! But no additional errand of morning jog! Perfect for city life. LLDs have great temperament making them a great companion dog. Surprisingly, they are brave like a lion and could pose for a selfie next to a Great Dane or a German shepherd too. They are beautiful, with long hair and can be decorated as per kid daughters’ desire. Don’t get carried away by the good looks yet, as they come for a whopping 75000 in India!!

  1. Australian Silky Terrier

Australian silky terrier

They have silky tresses of a beautiful girl. And they are as stubborn as one too! And guess what they were bred to kill? Snakes. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, they are specially bred to be a companion, and not for guarding or hunting. Terrier need a lot of exercise to keep their extra energy under check. AST is closely related to the Australian Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier. They are alert, smart and affectionate. These come relatively inexpensive at around 30000 in Bangalore. But, adopt one only if you run! While a well raised AST is quite a head turner, a non-exercised one could tear apart the sofa, mattresses and even carpets at your home.

  1. Azawakh


This long legged, lean one is a special guardian dog from West Africa. Nothing really cute about it, it is not a very popular choice for a pet for most of Indians. One look at this breed and you observe that everything about this one is long. The snout, the body, and even the tail. Unless you fancy a retirement plan near a jungle, don’t adopt this baby! Azawakh has amazing hunting skills, and he is a sighthound livestock guard dog. They are like a one woman man, or one man woman! Loyal to just one Alpha!! While they are gentle and playful, it is important to recognize that an Azawakh is a working dog. They need work and just cannot afford to wander around like a foolhardy Pomeranian! As well as you may raise an Azawakh, we must not forget they belong to the warrior class and fighting is in their DNA. So, temperament issues are invariable! No household with kids and open lawn. Jungle retirement? Definitely a favoured companion. They are very observant about strangers and are reserved around them. No cuddle business. They have very sharp vision, speed and stamina too. In India, you may adopt one for an upfront adoption fee of 1.45Lacs

  1. Norwegian Lundehund


What happens when a fox falls in love with a village female dog & honeymoon in woods? A baby Norwegian Lundehund is born. As beautiful as the Norwegian Aurora lights, this is a breed from the Spitz family. Specially bred to catch birds, they have webbed paws and are good at swimming. Oh boy oh boy! This beauty shares a trait with our Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan too!! It has a 6th toe. While an extra thumb gave Hrithik all the good luck in his journey, the additional paw helps NL in traction on slippery rocks, and gripping in tight places. Not recommended for an Indian climate adoption, they do make appearance once in a while here too. Mostly in the back seat of luxury cars. They love their daily dose of exercise and surprisingly cost about 40,000 in Bangalore.

  1. Otterhound


A true Otter version in dog family. Just the way, an otter symbolizes friendship, peace and family, the Otterhounds are social but mischievous. An Otterhound is great with kids. Not small kids though, as they have a reasonably good size and weight. They look like Axl Rose had been castaway for a while. Long, unkempt hair. He is bred to hunt on land as well as water hence he has webbed feed and a double fur coat. He is very rare and vulnerable species of dog, only 600 such dogs all over the world. You may still be able to afford one, provided you have enough buck left from your recent Gurgaon land deal.

Well, they were bred in England to hunt otters, of course! I would proscribe you from adopting one here in India simply because the climate doesn’t support. If you’re still confused about what to do with your extra stash, I got pretty good ideas about how to spend it.

  1. Mudi


Here’s your version of Akash Malhotra from Dil Chahta Hai!! Fun loving, Intelligent, Carefree yet versatile. Bred in Hungary, A Mudi is far from mellow mood! He is an alert, agile and all-purpose farm dog. If you are an ardent dog lover who has an empty wall from your home renovation, you may get a Mudi. He will easily sweep all the competitions and adore that empty wall with accolades, certificate and medals. His trainable trait complements his ability to be great in sport, running, jumping etc.

Who could possibly adopt a Mudi? A 13th floor 1315 sq feet Noida apartment family with kids? No chance!! A Chattarpur farmhouse would be an apt home for this beautiful baby! He can handle and guard entire herd of sheep alone. He is very protective of his family that is the herd and is very aloof and vigilant towards strangers entering the territory. Weighing in at about 12 kgs, adopting a Champion Mudi upfront would make your wallet lighter by about 70,000 in Gurgaon! Like a Honda car, they come in 6 colors too.

  1. Lagotto Romagnolo


A curly mop all over a Teddy Bear, with a tail whose sole purpose in life is water, water and only water. That’s a Lagotto Romagnolo! As you would have already guessed by the name, this hails from Romagna sub region of Italy. He was bred to hunt water fowl through the wetland of Romagna. They are well, Mafia dogs too, in a way! They are Gundogs like most of the retrievers. Adaptable, intelligent and agile, they are easy to train. It’s better to train them for barking, unless you are comfortable with ear plugs on. They have a desire to track and enjoy digging. So, if you have a beautiful flower beds in your garden then it’s tough to keep them safe. As compared to most of the dog breds they have a good life of around 16-17years.

And here’s my favorite from the land of Neymar and Ronaldinho!!

  1. Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro

One look at Fila Brasileiro would leave you scared! Very scared!! Also known as Brazilian Mastiff, they are a very old species as old as 400 years ago. Typical like Brazilian strikers, they can tear apart any defence in the world while hunting. They are working dogs who are best for protection, hunting, tracking, and herding. If I ever become a rich politician who has to scare CBI away, I would have a couple of Filas roaming around my compound. Again, no cuddly wuddly business, they are big size hence not recommended around toddlers. They have a very smooth coat and need a lot of attention and affection from the family, they shouldn’t be chained outside in yards, as lack of love makes them destructive and aggressive. This baby has a typical Mastiff built, complete with Arnold like chest! If you have enough farmland near Indo-Nepal border, you could adopt him for about a little over 1 lacs.

I could go on and on with keyboard about this topic. Whilst, I am currently sticking to a certain theme; hence, I am not able to bring forth more breeds in this category.



I would like to close with a message. While I am hoping you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it, Dogs are a special commitment relationship. I have seen Rottweilers lapping up to their owners like babies to Labradors crushing visitors’ ankles with their molar. A dog is but reflection of his master’s personality. The temperament depends on how he has been brought up. If you are looking to adopt a dog in India, the Desis are a unanimous best choice to make. Low maintenance, adaptive, climate friendly and their natural instincts match any fancy breeds’ trait. Give Dogs a chance, don’t just run away seeing them. All these wagging tails need is love and compassion from humans. Never adopt a dog lured by doe eyes and puppy looks, to abandon him when he grows up! Remember, nothing is worse in this world than a disowned dog. For the dog is afterall a living being, and Karma, well is a Bitch!!!

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