8 Lip-Smacking Choley Bhature joints in Delhi

Delhi is famous to fill you up with all the flavours and taste that your tongue(and soul) knows and stomach can absorb. It makes me wonder Delhi dilwalo se jaada, khane walo ki hai. Variety of tasty street food ranging from Chole-Kulche to Rabdi Falooda were all made mainstream by Delhi and are available just around the corner, every society and every colony has their very own favourite local shop. And on top of all gastronomical desire list is Choley Bhature. Huge bhatura served with aaloo masala, choley and achaar.

Let’s expand our fish tank and step out of the Delhi colonies. Here, I am sharing the list of 8 amazing joints for Choley Bhature in Delhi. They all are number one in their own ways and depending on your taste buds. Trying to give out as much details as I can, so that once you plan to binge there is nothing stopping you.

Let’s start the mouth watering journey to Bhatura land


  1. Sita Ram Diwan Chand- Paharganj


This place is rightfully the Sachin Tendulkar of Chola Bhatura world. It has truly come a long way, started by 2 people Sitaram and Diwan Chand in 70’s and grown by the next generation with same dedication towards taste and customer delight.

You can see the amazing journey on their website also, we had a planned visit to this place as we heard a lot of good things about the great taste and believe me we were not disappointed at all.

What makes them unique?  Maintaining the same taste for 4 generations is challenge, plus the uniqueness is that they toast the bhatura on a hot pan before serving. They are stuffed with grated paneer, taste of aloo masala and aamla achar is also amazing. The place is open from 8AM-6PM, so you can bump in for a tempting hot meal. Per plate cost of Chole-Bhature is 100 Rs.

sitaram packing.jpg

If you don’t have a plan to travel all the way to Paharganj, then you can also order online on


Even a single plate order will be delivered, although there are delivery charges applicable.

How to reach:


By Metro: Blue line or Yellow line. Any of these can take you to the closest metro station, New Delhi metro station that is less than 1.5kms. From there, you can take a battery operated ricksaw or even walk down.

By road: As Paharganj is near the New Delhi railway station and houses many markets this place is generally crowded. Although there is MCD parking available but I would suggest to park at the nearby metro station parking, if you are driving. Taking a cab is a better option.


  1. Baba Nagpal Corner, Lajpat nagar


This is the underdog of my list. One amazing place, rather best in New Delhi right now.

I have explored most of these places while shopping or passing by. I am sure everyone who lives in Delhi NCR or had travelled here has been to Lajpat market.

This market has everything that you need from dress materials, readymade clothes, imitation jewellery, leather purses, home furnishing and lot of street food. I went there with one of my colleagues for her upcoming engagement shopping. We shopped for almost 4-5 hours and were dead tired and famished.


What can be better when your legs are hurting and heart is full of happiness with loads of shopping, hot Choley-Bhature with sweet Lassi.

This place is functional since 1966, and the second generation is taking it ahead now. Due to market, this place is always bustling with people. They server Chole-Bhature from 07:30AM-2PM, they also have Rajma Chawal on the menu. Post 2 PM, they sell samosa and other snacks. But the place’s Choley Bhature stay an outright standout favourite with food lovers. Per plate cost of these paneer filled chole-bhature is 75Rs. Only.


How to Reach:


By Metro: Nearest metro station is Moolchand and this is at walking distance from there.

By Road: Cab or self-driven car both options are ok, there may be a little struggle for parking but eventually you will get it. I love this thing about Delhi parking, it takes time, but you always find a slot.


  1. RadheySham SubhashKumar Chole Bhature, New Delhi railway station
pic courtesy: crazymasalfood

We explored this place accidentally; need is mother of inventions and for us hunger was reason for discovering this place. I had to travel with my son then 8 years to my mother’s place. My husband, I and kid reached New Delhi railway station to catch the train, after reaching we came to know that the train delayed by two hours, although we planned to go back home but it started raining too heavy and it was tough to get home and check in back again. So, we sat in the waiting room, it was also very crowded.

By the time the rain stopped, all three of us were very hungry, we sneaked out of the station towards Paharganj and saw this place.

The choley are scrumptious and Paneer filled Bhature are very soft and tasty. They don’t have too many frills like Amla Achaar etcetera but basic Mirchi-Gajar achar and onion complements the main course.

I though the hunger made it taste better, but when I surfed internet I saw many people as crazy for this Radhey Sham Chole Bhature. Like me.


How to reach:


All train journey passengers, please choose Paharganj side to savour a plate of Chole-Bhature at Radhesham Shubhash Kumar.

By Metro: New Delhi Railway station is the exact stop

By Road: Cab is a better option, if you want to avoid parking chaos as traffic police is very vigilant and wrong parking might end up in impounding vehicle. And these days, there is quite a buzz around amended MVC Act 😊


  1. Billey di Hatti, Kamla Nagar



Kamla Nagar is a residential cum commercial hotspot of Delhi. The market has many Indian as well as International brands. It held a lot of importance during British Raj as well as post-independence. An array of achievers in the field of sports, politics, films, music have spent considerable amount of their life at Kamla Nagar. From Aruna Asaf Ali to Gulzar and Dara Singh to Guru Radha Kishan have lived here.

You must have had amazing Choley Bhature at various places, how about Choley Puri? Here, the Puri is born as huge as a bhatura. It is made with a mix of aata, maida and suji. For this Billey di hatti is a must try place for this, mostly people confuse the humble puri to Bhatura.

This place starts serving as early as 7AM till 4PM. but the sooner you can reach the better as most of the times, the stock is over by lunch time. Per plate cost is 60 Rupees.


How to Reach:


By Metro: Vishvavidyalay on yellow line and Pul Bangash on Red line are the nearest metro stations.

By Road: You can take a cab or drive, its convenient either ways.



  1. Standard Corner, Old Rajendar Nagar


Rajendar Nagar needs no introduction, this is the birth place of King Khan. Not just him, but many famous people are from Rajindra Nagar like Shakti Kapoor, Gautam Gambhir, Divya Dutta and even superstar Dilip Kumar was once a resident of this place.

Rajendar Nagar is also famous as an educational hub in Delhi, you will find many coaching institutes for UPSC aspirants.

As I told you earlier, we have been in Delhi for almost 15 years now. And by one way or the other, we have been to all these outlets that I am writing about.

One of my husband’s friends’ father was admitted in Sir Gangaram Hospital, that was the reason why we went to Rajindar Nagar on the first place. He was in critical care for liver ailment. We did not anticipate that meeting the patient and helping a friend in hospital formalities would take an entire day, but it did. And by the time we bid goodbye to him, rats and rows in stomach were screaming at top of their voices. That is when we found this place called Standard Corner at Old Rajendar Nagar. It is at walking distance from the hospital.

This place serves not just Paneer stuffed Bhatura but the Choley also has magnanimous serving of paneer. Till then I only had Gaajar or Aamla achar with Bhature, but these people serve Teet ka achaar, which is very tasty along with mustard filled chilli pickle.

This shop is also more than a decade old, they serve from 8AM to 5:30PM. And cost of one plate is 60 Rupees only. The area is not very big and only tables are kept for standing and eating.


How to Reach:


Closest metro station is Rajendar Nagar as well as Karol Bagh, from there you can either walk or take a cycle rikshaw.

Just like any other market in Delhi, this place also has parking problem.


  1. Roshan di Kulfi, Karol Bagh


For all the foodies and shopaholics, Karol Bagh is Mecca. I don’t know anyone who has stayed in Delhi long enough but hasn’t been to this happening market. This area is truly integration of India as considerable size of Tamil speaking, Marathi speaking and Bengali speaking people have settled here since generations, apart from Punjabi speaking people. Durga Pujo as well as Ganapati Pujan are celebrated with equal pomp and glory. Garment wholesale market is highlight of this market. This unity among people have helped locals get over the loss they suffered during Sep 2008 bomb blasts.


Roshan Di kulfi, is famous for Choley Bhature as well as Kulfi Faluda. People travel from all over the places to savour these dishes. Their speciality is that the preparations are in pure ghee. The shop is in this market since 1951, it maintains the hygiene and taste since decades.


How To Reach:


By Metro:  Being a very famous market, Karol Bagh has its own Metro station, which falls on Blue Line

By Road: If you are taking your car, there is ample facility to park. As it has multilevel car parking, still it might take some time to get a spot.

  1. Bawa Snacks, Nehru Place


I am sure you have heard of Delhi’s Nehru Place, even Bill Gates knows about it really well.

Apart from all the computer hardware and software that we get here, it’s a favourite lunch hub for me and my husband. We sneak out on any afternoon to gorge on Chole Chawal, Dal Chawal or Chole Bhature at Nehru place.

The entire market hosts many small and buzzing joints, which serve tasty Indian food.


At Bawa Snacks, taste and speed at which they serve is amazing. Huge and hot bhatura with spicy choley. They serve you extra choley if you are yet to finish eating. Bhaturas are light and served with aloo masala along with Chole and Achar. On any tiring afternoon, this Chole Bhature and Lassi can give you relief. It is no surprise that after eating it, a person will be very sleepy and lazy. It opens a little late by 10 AM and they serve food mostly till evening, depending on availability.


How to reach:


By Metro: There are two metro stations in Nehru Place on either sides. Nehru Enclave on Magenta line and Nehru Place is on Violet line.

By Road: There is lot of paid parking available at Nehru place, as it’s a commercial hub and getting a slot won’t be tough. You can hop into a cab as well.


  1. Chache di Hatti, Kamla Nagar


This place is small, in a narrow lane. However, the taste will leave you in awe every time you eat here. Bhaturas are huge, soft and chole are full of spices. Served with onion and green chutney, it is a must to see if one is visiting Kamla Nagar. You must have had paneer stuffed bhature before, but this place also offers aloo stuffed bhature. It costs 55 Rs. Per plate.

Not as a mark of respect, however, you may as well, this place is a standing dining. You may reach here for breakfast or lunch the crowd never thinning down, it’s always crowded. It takes almost 30 mins to grab a plate, but it’s worth the waiting time. It remains open from 09:30AM to 4PM and is closed on Sunday.

How to Reach:


By Metro: Vishvavidyalay on yellow line and Pul Bangash on Red line are the nearest metro stations.

By Road: You can take a cab or drive using Google Maps!


Well, that’s brings me to a close. Paucity of space and time restricts me from featuring more   joints on this list. Trust me, a local thela cart serving Choley Bhature can titillate your taste buds enough to skip yoga classes. These places are my personal favourite and I hope to see readers contributing by sharing details about other joints.

Choley Bhaturay may be an Iranian dish by descendance. But, just the way Roger Federer blooms at Wimbledon, Choley Bhaturay tastes best in New Delhi. I recently got tagged in a meme that read!!

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-11 at 7.20.38 AM.jpeg

Well, the answer against empty space is Choley Bhaturay and that is pretty much enough to complete your list! If your saliva are putting Mumbai floods to some serious competition, I got an advice to help! Swiggy It!!


I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa.



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