What hurts your blog the most, here are my three cents!!

You are a good writer, ideas keep coming to you, you are passionate about your skill of writing, you genuinely want to grow in this field, and you have taken up blogging as a profession and not just a hobby. Still you are not yielding desired results? You Domain Authority and Alexa rank has not shown appreciable changes? Then I think this is an article you must read; you might find answers to some of your concerns.

  1. Lack of consistency

Yes, I know you know and understand this but somehow you are unable to get there. I am into the same phase. Being consistent for a week or month, leaves me into a blogger burnout zone, which further damages the blog.

Its not that the ideas do not come, but I just don’t feel like writing. For this I keep a copy, rather than sitting with laptop, I find it convenient to scribble my thoughts with copy and pen.


Unless you plan the content in advance, put a date to every blog you will be writing on, you will not get desired consistency. There will always be additional blogs which will come up like some event, some brand collaboration and major current affairs that you feel strongly about but all that will be a boost. A bonus. Otherwise a roadmap for maybe at least a fortnight must be ready. Without planning in black and white things will never get real. You need to be consistent in writing as well as in social media amplifications, consistency in promoting your content is also important.


  1. Time commitment and Networking

Everyone knows saying this, but what it exactly means. There are many online groups, forums who plan events, twitter WhatsApp pods which can help you generate a consistent traffic on your blog, but are you participating in it? Are you giving the kind of time that is required? If not, what can you do, to improve it? Because what I have understood in blogging is the more you give the more you get, the more you participate the better results you will have.

You can make “generic comments” like “good read” “nice article” on fellow bloggers blogs and expect a rich comment in return for yours. That ways you will never strike a rapport that is required to grow in the field.


No matter how good you write unless you get enough publicity and market it well it is not going to help. Even Mega-film stars don’t leave a stone unturned in marketing their films, no matter if they are good films or not. So why not you.

With so many social media options available it is easy and convenient, you can use images from or relevant to your blog topic on Instagram and share the link in bio, you can pin you images on Pinterest and can even simply share it on Facebook or twitter. The time you give in marketing the more output you will get.


  1. Priority to everything else but writing

You have many topics in mind, you have made a flow chart of it in your head, but then its not coming down on paper as you are not sitting with the laptop, to pen it down.

You have given least priority to yourself in your system and the same reflects in your writing. You have to attend a twitter chat and you husband has just come back from work, or there is a Fb live but your child has do finish his last minute project work, if it would have been a regular full-time work would you have not done that? Then why you yourself are demeaning the importance of what needs to be done by you in order to succeed? If you don’t give your work priority, why would anyone else do that. More than me my husband gets upset looking at my inconsistent and lack of commitment towards my blog. I am hardly a self starter, but he exactly knows how to get me going.


Even having a niche helps in getting good traffic on your blog, but do not wait write what you feel like, at least you will have some traction to your mind and body. So today write on anything, if you are not getting creative enough to write fiction then write non-fiction. Do not get bothered about the number of words and length of the blog, just write down and make a schedule for at least next 15 days, I understand its festive time and lot of work is there, so the day you can’t put a full blog do social media amplifications, update old blogs and share them. Do something for yourself for your blog for your identity.

Happy Diwali!!!!


32 thoughts on “What hurts your blog the most, here are my three cents!!

  1. I’m guilty of all the above mentioned. Fatigue, family, kids, noise, etc just keep me away from all the writing. I need peace of mind and a peaceful time to sit and think and then write. I have to try harder. 😬

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  2. I feel guilty of not being consistent with my blog and I have seen my Alexa rank & other parameters fluctuate because of that. I need to work upon prioritizing writing too. Thanks for this post, Ujjwal.


  3. Totally agree with you. I had been so constant on my blog posting. But since the last year I feel a little low when it comes to upload a blog post. This post is really helpful and inspiring for me.

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  4. I cannot be more grateful to you for writing this. I have been struggling for sometime and wasn’t sure until I read this. Going forward I am going to give full priority to myself and blog. Keeping a plan for fortnight is such a wonderful tip🙏

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  5. Just like anything else in the world, procrastination can hinder the success of any venture. Be it blog, youtube or social media channels, consistency is there key to make things work.

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