Social Media is bad! Oh Really???

Social media is everywhere, its part of our lives, in our blogging space we might not know real names of fellow bloggers however we surely know their Instagram handles. Social media is entirely a different space, you can kill endless hours by getting yourself entertained.

I understand people are going overboard and more interactions are happening in the virtual world than the real one, people have more friends online and close to none in real life, but then these are extremes. There are so many studies and surveys around how much social media is affecting us, mostly in a negative way. However, I think there is good and bad side of everything, it depends on how we use it. There is so much to explore, learn, read and social media has brought it all closer and is serving us on a platter and easily available platform. Right from self-help makeup tips to motivational ones.

We have been told and know since generations how bad is television, how it makes us a couch potato, that television is an idiot box, but don’t we all have one or even more at our home?

For that matter, we know reading a book while lying down or while in a moving vehicle is harmful for eyes but we do it right.

The point I am emphasizing is nothing is bad if done in moderation, and over do of everything is bad. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ‘self-esteem’ and ‘self-actualization’ are at the top, humans cannot live without being appreciated or feel accepted in the society. Rather than just looking at the negative side lets take a quick look of how social media has improved our lives.

  1. Self-Image and ego booster


I have been into influencer role for quite a while and yes, I won’t shy away accepting the fact that every like that I get on the Instagram post, retweet on twitter and a new comment or subscriber on my blog makes my day. Its not that my life depends on it but what’s the harm in smiling and collecting the little happiness that comes my way.

Social media helps me have an improved self-image, when I take a look at the grid or my wall for say last one year, I realize what all I have achieved, I have so many reasons to be happy about. If that helps me reviving happy memories and boosts my self-worth, I am going to hang on.

I don’t go out of the way to make my photos Instagram ready or keep recording every recipe that I cook but when ever I do that, and get appreciated for it, I feel happy and I don’t regret it.


  1. Opportunity to earn


Social media has given opportunity to many people to make money. It has opened doors to so many independent artists, solopreneurs to showcase their products and find real customers and do actual business. If you have any plans to be at home and have a small earning for yourself, social media is there to help. All type of businesses gets huge customer base, direct reach to customer goes up and even Brands look for influencers. Its not that right from day one you can start earning, as every opportunity requires hard work and perseverance same is for earning through social media. Not just that, I have seen people wining back to back Instagram giveaways and making handsome money by end of the month.


  1. Information and learning


Right from latest news, trending fashion and makeup tips, all types of recipes to details about galaxies, electronics and inventions. What is there that’s unavailable on social media. You need to decide on a topic and you will find blogs, pins, posts, tweets from real people around you who have done the necessary research and share the information on their social media handles.

I myself have tried so many new recipes which the fellow bloggers have posted in their blogs and done many DIY activities with kids that I learnt from posts, which helped me engage more with kids, spend quality time with them and off course helped me keep them away from screens.

Even about the events happening near you, various hobby classes and so many such things come across easily because they and you are on social media.


  1. Connecting with old and lost friends


Were our parents in touch with so many school and college friends that we are today, even if its only at festivals and occasions were all relatives together at one place wishing each other in happiness and sorrows? The answer is NO, it’s the technology and social media that has brought the world closer.

My husband has found and revived all his school friends as old as the one from class 2, they all have been to our place and now the communication is regular.

Why just he, even my FIL who is tech savvy, has found most of his friends online post his retirement.

Whether you want to keep the relationships or not is your call, but at least the hurdle that there is no way to reach out is not there anymore.


People might be going overboard and that what bring a bad name to this entire social media thing, however if done in moderation and with your thinking caps at right place, there is so much to gain through this platform.

40 thoughts on “Social Media is bad! Oh Really???

  1. Like every coin has two faces.. Social media is good or bad depending upon your use.. You may utilize it or misuse it.. I loved the way you wrote benefits about social media.. Being a blogger we must know these things

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  2. I think one should be able to differentiate between the reality and the Fakism that social media imposes on us. Just create a balance and you should be alright.

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  3. Very well written post! I absolutely agree with you that social media is playing such a big part in our lives . It’s in our hand what we make of it. Like so many other things in life, we get what we put into it.

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  4. There’s Pros & Cons in everything.Not only Social media but Internet as a whole has it’s advantages and disadvantages. if not used cautiously.So we must always remember that Anything is Excess is Not Good!

    (Snehalata Jain)

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  5. Every form of technology has its pros and cons. Social media is not an exception but everything depends upon how we handle it. When we have the power of social media we should be responsible enough to use it for good.

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  6. Yes, social media is an integral element of everybody’s life today. Whether it be career or for personal use, social media has given us ways to use it rather utilize it for our own good. We should understand where to draw a line.

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