Leatherback and the Strange Place- Entertaining Read for Kids and Adults alike

Book Review: Leatherback and the Strange Place

Thanks to Writersmelon for this gripping thriller, here goes the review

Genre: children’s Fiction

Reading Level: 6-9yrs

Total Pages: 192

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Author: Shubhra Shah

About the Author:

Shubhra Shah has earlier written Leatherback’s Big Win, that won the hearts of many children and adults alike. Trained in psychotherapy, reiki and Pranic healing, she has addressed almost twenty-five thousand across various schools in Kolkata in the past few years. Her favourite message to children is – “Be Kind, even to someone you don’t like.”.


This book is a thriller a sure shot thriller, for kids as well as adults. This is in fact the strong forte of the author. The story is narrated by a cute Torty, named Leatherback. She is a hundred and something years old tortoise. Considering her age, what she wants is a warm, quite and comfortable summer, however when she is challenged by a mystery she won’t shy away. Her companions to resolve the mystery are a cat and a parrot. Any many animals pitch in for help as they sail through, solving the mystery.

Leatherback is staying with Sara, and one day Sara’s mother Lolita goes missing. How these pets solve the mystery is an interesting read. Leatherback and her team decide to investigate the suspects’ houses one by one to look for Lolita.
The secret and the stories that they discover in these houses leave them shocked and startled. But where was Lolita? Who had taken her?

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-16 at 12.09.37 PM

Me and my son both have loved the book, it is an interactive book as it has kid’s activities like colouring, find the difference etc. Difficult words have been explained so that kids can understand what they are reading and don’t just run through the pages.

The high points of this book is the way in which it deals with many emotions. Right from fear of unknown, separation anxiety, competition, empathy, bullying, compassion to courage. It will help open up your child to discuss what’s happening in their life, you can also site a incident from the story and check what your child feels about it and if they have been through such a situation. Generally, kids do not want to speak about the emotions that are not very feel good, that ways this book can be a great help.

As of Low point, as I was so engrossed reading, I couldn’t find any. Just that sometimes imaginations are too far from reality but that is OK and some stories will leave you sad as well. But the purpose is to learn from them and move on.

Just grab a copy of this book at amazon, if you want to know did Lolita make it back safely?


I would rate this book 4.5/ 5







26 thoughts on “Leatherback and the Strange Place- Entertaining Read for Kids and Adults alike

  1. Omg this is such. A fun review… And my favourite part of the blog was also when u shared the highs of emotions described in the book which actually connects the reader. Thankyou for the review.

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