A new epidemic is around the corner- All you need to know about #Coronavirus


As a mother and women of a house we are always taking all the precautions to protect our family and take preventive measures to protect them. But with increasing population, pollution and many environmental changes every year there is one or the other virus epidemic threatening the safety of our family sometimes its Rota, Zika and this time its CoronaVirus. I am sure you have heard of it as its making headlines in most of the national dailies as well as #CoronaVirus is trending enough on social media as well. Here you will get to know everything about it so that you can proactively safeguard your family, proactively.

What is Corona-Virus?

This is a huge outbreak, Corona virus is not an individual virus rather it is ‘Viruses’, yet its an entire family of viruses. They have affected in 2002 and 2003 by the name of SARS corona viruses that is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. They attacked with another name MERS i.e. The middle east Respiratory Syndrome Virus. They majorly affect the upper respiratory system of a person. And are transferred from animals to humans.

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How will you know, if a person is affected by it? (Symptoms)


The system resembles as Influenza or common cold.

It has symptoms like runny nose, coughing, sneezing, headache, fever and feeling unwell. Some people also face vomiting and diarrhea.

People with low immunity and elderly and children have a higher chance of getting the infection.

If this virus remains in the body for long, then the upper respiratory disorder can get converted to severe pneumonia, bronchitis or even in some cases Renal (kidney) failure.


How it spreads?

These are air borne virus and are contagious. It spreads through the following activities

  • Coughing, sneezing without covering mouth
  • Coming close contact with the effected person
  • Touching anything that has virus on it and touching nose, eyes or mouth with same hand.


Pic from: Twitter

What can we do to control it?

There is no vaccination developed to fight these viruses, hence preventive and symptomatic medicines are the only way.

The measure to prevent it from spreading further is maintaining hand hygiene. Yes, you heard it right, its as simple as that.

  • Washing hands with soap and water
  • Using tissue paper to cover nose and mouth while coughing and sneezing, and disposing the tissue properly
  • Using mask in crowded places
  • Avoiding contact with sic people
  • Keep yourself Hydrate
  • Get enough sleep as it boosts immunity

And if the symptoms persist its always better to meet a physician and get yourself checked.


Although as of now it’s yet to reach India and all the international airports are on high alert to scan travelers coming from affected countries. The list of affected countries includes China, Vietnam, USA, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, south Korea, Taiwan and Macau.

As per news, one of the Indian Nurses has been affected by Coronavirus in Saudi, and they have contacted Indian Embassy to help the Nurses. So, let’s pray for everyone’s safety and prepare and make ourselves aware about the coming danger.

24 thoughts on “A new epidemic is around the corner- All you need to know about #Coronavirus

  1. I hope this virus does find a cure and we can contain it soon. We don’t focus on hygiene and its imperative because not only this virus but a lot of other infections can be taken care off, sharing this because I am a microbiologist myself.


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