Anaaya & I, My Journey to Motherhood #BookReview

Book Review:          Manisha Garg’s Anaaya & I, My Journey to Motherhood Name of the Book: Anaaya & I, My Journey to Motherhood Genre:                     Parenting Total Pages:              25 Publisher:                BlogChatter Author:                    Manisha Garg About … Continue reading Anaaya & I, My Journey to Motherhood #BookReview

Delighted to be nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award!

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by an amazing blogger, the one who inspires me Vartika. She is not just a good writer but a good human being too, she was one of the hosts of my first blog train. You can check out my participation in that blog train here Incredibles – Superpowers I would like to get in 2019! I have learnt a lot from her. Thanks a lot for this nomination, Vartika. It means a lot for me. Continue reading Delighted to be nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award!

Dog and Dates #A2ZChallenge

This was the 6th train that we saw pass by. We sat on a bench near the railway track. My beau and I.. I leaned into him. He clasped my shoulder in a side embrace. The gentle breeze kissed my face. “Oye Rajesh Khanna- Hema Malini!!”, yelled a policeman from a distance. Potbellied. Wielding a cane, he ran towards us. We got up. I turned around first. He was about to turn. Tall, lean frame. Wavy mop for hair. I waited to see that face. He turned and I looked at him. Thank God, it was Suvin. Honestly, I always wanted that to be Suvin!

And we ran! Real fast, hand in hand!! Continue reading Dog and Dates #A2ZChallenge

Elvis Presley croons- Forever! #A2ZChallenge

As Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love with you played on speakers, he pulled me closer. I could see my future in his eyes. Our kids. Our home. The shimmer in his eyes reminded me of Nordic lights I saw in my Brittania Encyclopaedia. If there was one place in the world, I wanted to be! This was it. With him. Forever. Continue reading Elvis Presley croons- Forever! #A2ZChallenge

Kaleidoscope called Life #A2ZChallenge

What is a Kaleidoscope? In simple words it’s a Tube which has minimum two mirrors and few loose pieces of colorful glass or plastic inside it at one end and when you look from the other end you see many … Continue reading Kaleidoscope called Life #A2ZChallenge