Dreams that empower #childerensday

I know they won’t do most of these things suddenly one morning, we as a parent have to lead by example. And we are on the right path, that gives us confidence as parents that the dreams we have for our kids will be fulfilled by God’s Grace. Continue reading Dreams that empower #childerensday

8 Life-skills our kids learn from Superheroes #MyfriendAlexa

We all are fans of superheroes, may it be Marvel, DC or even home-grown superheroes like Shaktiman. Every child in any generation has followed one superhero or the other, admired them and believed them beyond normal. Undoubtedly when we grow … Continue reading 8 Life-skills our kids learn from Superheroes #MyfriendAlexa

8 Moms you meet at bus stop every day #myfriendAlexa

Getting up before everyone wakes up, make tea or coffee, make tiffin, wake up kids. Pursue them to do brush, take shower, get ready off course make them eat something healthy and filling and do all this with a prompt eye … Continue reading 8 Moms you meet at bus stop every day #myfriendAlexa

5 Must have books for Tweens #Booknblogwithus

As parents we always keep trying to teach and inculcate good habits in our kids, its much easier when they are young. We bring them interactive books, read them aloud along with kids imitating the emotions, read them bed time stories in short, we do everything to make sure, books become their companion. However, as the kids grow up, they have more than one advisor the special impact is of friends, the peer pressure changes their choices than what parents are says, and we often get to her, “my friends don’t do this”, yes, I am talking about the age when kids are about reach adolescence. The kids aged between 10 to 12 are popularly known as Tween agers.

I have one at home, hence know what are the challenges in keeping them glued, they are just like toddlers “na dhang se bade, na hi dhang se bade”, confused as ever. Continue reading 5 Must have books for Tweens #Booknblogwithus

Two books for adults and children alike #BlognBookswithUS

Thank you Sindhu Vinod Narayan from https://mybabymybooksandi.wordpress.com for introducing me. Please check out the post share on their Blog. I would like to Introduce Aishwarya Sandeep, who write on her blog  https://www.aishwaryasandeep.com Check out their posts on the blog. Sudha Murthy, … Continue reading Two books for adults and children alike #BlognBookswithUS