आनेवाला पल, जानेवाला है… Make Every Moment A Memory #BollyExpress

आनेवाला पल, जानेवाला है .. I am sure you would have relished these beautiful lines of a song from the movie Golmaal. The melody sung by Kishore kumar and enacted by none other than Amol Palekar. I quite liked this … Continue reading आनेवाला पल, जानेवाला है… Make Every Moment A Memory #BollyExpress

Social Media is bad! Oh Really???

We have been told and know since generations how bad is television, how it makes us a couch potato, that television is an idiot box, but don’t we all have one or even more at our home?

For that matter, we know reading a book while lying down or while in a moving vehicle is harmful for eyes but we do it right.

The point I am emphasizing is nothing is bad if done in moderation, and over do of everything is bad. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ‘self-esteem’ and ‘self-actualization’ are at the top, humans cannot live without being appreciated or feel accepted in the society. Rather than just looking at the negative side lets take a quick look of how social media has improved our lives. Continue reading Social Media is bad! Oh Really???

गोलगप्पा और अरस्तु?! एक समीकरण

प्यारे दोस्तों, शीर्षक देख के आपके मुँह में पानी ज़रूर आया होगा. लाज़मी है, आखिर लिखते वक़्त मेरे भी मुँह में सावन-भादों जैसा ही मौसम था. यकीन मानिये, आज सुबह के पहले मेरे खयालों में भी कभी गोलगप्पो का विवरण … Continue reading गोलगप्पा और अरस्तु?! एक समीकरण

Have we lost value of freedom of our country?

In our life as an Indians we get patriotic in bouts. During cricket matches, while watching a patriotic movie, on independence and republic day are few of the moments when we get patriotic, what about the rest of the year?

We see many vehicles with stickers on them of ‘Bhagat Singh’ saying “lagta hai wapas aana padega…”. Lets promise all the souls who sacrificed for our freedom that “No, we are taking care of the country, you laid your life for now we will take it up. You can rest peacefully”

Let’s start with one thing-one mother-one day…… and mother India will see a new dawn at least by next Independence Day, a true Independence Day.

At last the lines of the famous song come to my mind “Ae, mere watan ke logo… jara aankh mein bharlo paani, jo shahid hue hai unki jara yaad karo kurbani” Continue reading Have we lost value of freedom of our country?