10+10=10, his life stopped a Decade ago…

Today is a very difficult day of the year for Makrand, it’s been tough every year for him to survive these 24 hours but today was more troublesome. It was tenth death anniversary of his love, his wife Tarini. These were the exact number of years they spent together, madly in love. Five years of courtship and five years in marriage. After that fateful day, a decade ago he stopped living, he stopped being happy. All he was doing is dragging life, he stopped playing guitar as he played it for her, he stopped going into kitchen and trying his hands at cooking because he loved cooking for her. He distant himself from all the friends and relatives as everything reminded him of Tarini. That really didn’t help him keeping her memories away, rather the loneliness was breaking him further and creating a hollow in his life. She was his soul; the body is nothing without a soul.

Makarand and Tarini met during their graduation years, both were top students of their class. Both were good in studies as well as co-curricular. Cutthroat competition to be on the top. It was their college fest where the ice broke between them and they became soul mates, inseparable. There love became even stronger when they had a long-distance relationship when Tarini went to USA for her post-graduation, she got a scholarship and Makrand got a campus placement in his dream company. There families were more than happy to have each other, they were so compatible. After a courtship of five years they decided to get married, as there was no reason why they should not do it.

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Both were doing great in their respective careers. Promotions, appraisals were doing justice to the hardwork and dedication they were putting. They loved their work. They learnt the art of work-life balance, managed their work and vacations beyond belief. They got a new house, decorated it as beautifully as possible. Had all the luxury and prosperity that is needed to lead a comfortable life. Like every couple they also had their share of ego tussle, misunderstanding and fights but their love always triumph. They couldn’t stop talking to each other for long. It was the time of global recession when Makrand lost his job, in that time Tarini did not only take the financial responsibility but more important was the mental and emotional pillar that she became for Makarand. She made sure that he doesn’t go into a self-pity or depression. It was a long period of 9 months before he got back into a role and company he desired.

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That battle with the situation brought them even closer, they were just so dependent on each other that nothing else mattered. Time was flying fast, five years since they have been married. Families were pursuing them to start a family, even the age and biological clocks were ticking, but that one thing that they both were not mentally prepared for. One reason was will they be able to take up parenting responsibility, give undivided time and attentions to the baby or will they have to compromise on their career which was soaring high at that point. They were contemplating. But fate had a different plan altogether. And everything happened way to fast than anyone could have thought.

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One day when Tarini came back home from her business tour with high fever, when they consulted the doctor Dengue was detected. God knows what went wrong or was it the hospitals carelessness or mistake that during the platelet transfusion she got blood infection. Makarand immediately shifted her to another hospital, she was directly taken to the ICU and then she never came out alive. It was multiple organ failure. Everything crumbled down for Makarand, he couldn’t even gather courage to get back home alone. As it was just a house now, house which was full of Tarini’s memories. Since then he was a robot, living life for the sake of it. Wishing everyday to go and meet Tarini in heaven as soon as possible, its been a decade today and the wait is still on……

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113 thoughts on “10+10=10, his life stopped a Decade ago…

  1. Your writing style had me hooked till the end and in the last para my eyes teared up, the story was full of deep emotions which were heart-piercing. God, no one should ever go through such pain of losing someone dear. It was a very well written piece of fiction.

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  2. This is heartbreaking. I know moving on is tough but he cannot die with the ones who have gone. Life goes on. I wish Makarand lead a more satisfactory life for Tarini’s sake.


  3. The beautiful smiling faces never tell what story they carry inside. This is a heart-breaking tale of love and loss. Love also, and always, gives a second chance. Ask him to hold on to that one.
    #DecadeHop #RRxMM

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