Genre:                      ANTHOLOGY

Total Pages:            25

Publisher:               BlogChatter

Author:                    MEENAL AND SONAL

 About the Author, in their own words:

Meenal & Sonal blogging sisters’ duo friends a perfect combo and complements each other desire to spread positivity and smile. Poetry by heart and parenting with thoughts is what duo excels in. This is the third book of zealous team, where ‘Tangled Relationships Yet Sweet’ was the first e-book that talked about relationships and its various facets and “Parenting – An Intangible Wonder” shared 26 smart parenting tips for new age parents. Expressing positive thoughts that linger in readers mind, this duo has come up with third eBook of micro fiction stories. Peep into their blog AuraOfThoughts to discover the world with a new angle in every aspect.

Meenal Mathur, MCA, Blogger, Mother, passionate Writer, Web Designer, music lover believes life is a kaleidoscope as it’s we who turn it to make colorful patterns. Loves to experiment and welcomes change.

Sonal Mathur, B.Tech (CSE), Blogger, Content Writer, avid reader, loves to mingle, keen observant, and speaks her heart out as a Motivational Speaker. Believes each aspect of life is a mentor and explores new areas with enthusiasm.


The book belongs to the Genre of Anthology, which means a collection of poems or writing. This book is a collection of 18 beautiful micro stories, the beauty of micro stories is that they are packed with a punch, less words more impact and the writer has done it in an amazing way. It is a very compact book of 25 pages, and you can easily read it in a single go as every story is different. The stories are around relationships and are handled very neatly. There are people and situations that you will be able to relate to and the thoughts those went unspoken.

Even if the story leaves you sad at the end, however the conclusion is positive. As the author says their motive is to create positivity. Many stories are thought provoking and when next time you get into such a situation, your thoughts will not go unspoken. The book has a good flow and grip on the readers. My only complaint is it should have been a little longer, more stories is what I wanted.

My Rating: 4/5

This review has been written as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program


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