That one place #WoWe

I am Subhadra, came to this fast moving city a decade ago. From education, work to marriage, this city has given me everything. I always thought of knowing the city completely, so much that I can actually be a tourist guide for people visiting the city.

Arjun and I have explored the city so well to find unique places for our dates. We have been married for three years every one including Arjun wants us to move ahead in the family way, however I am not ready or I think I am not ready yet.

As a full-on Bollywood person, I have taken an inspiration from my favorite SRK movie and put forward a condition, if Arjun can show me a place in this city which I have never seen, we will plan the baby. Many months have passed since we had this conversation, and today early morning he woke me up and brought me here.

Really? The city that never sleeps has this side too? I am sitting at the peak from where I can see a completely different, natural and beautiful side of the city, yes which I have certainly never seen. I will keep my promise too.


Word count: 200


This blog has been written on the prompt given by hosts Mayuri and Rashi.

Hello and welcome to #WoWe hashtag for this Blog Hop called Words On Wednesday.


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