Bus to school #A2ZChallenge

School, it sounds exciting. All my cousins go to this place, they have mixed feelings about it. They have friends, get a lot of time to play however on the flip side they they have to listen to the teachers, have exams and most importantly, stay away from mom, she can’t be there with me. But I am ok with that, as I have been going to day-care at mom’s office as mom had to get back to work in a few months I was born.
Mom teaches me many rhymes and songs, I want to speak so much but people don’t understand it clearly. Mom says once I grow up they will understand. All this is so new I am learning to walk, speak, sing and dance too. I like to dance on the beats of music.
I have learned to talk, although not very clearly but good enough to express myself and get my work done, and I can eat solids but I eat only those that I like. My dadu says, “I am chatori”. I think he means I eat only tasty things, whenever mom tries to feed me sabji or dal I spit it out.
I think once I am big enough, I will be an artist, a painter I guess as I am colouring all the walls, doors and many appliances with Crayons. Dad bring me lot of play dough and crayons. I like to play with him, he even plays kitchen set with me.
I am finally going to school, mom is saying it’s a good school and I will study here till my intermediate exam. I thought school is more of play but the teacher made me sit at one place for long hours. Earlier mom used to give me interesting tiffin but slowly year after year she started giving me Sabji- Roti only.
My first English teacher is very nice, some times she gives me toffee of answering all the questions in class, mom and dad are not very happy meeting my other teachers as they always complain of me being hyperactive. But mom says kids must be hyperactive but obedient. My parents play a lot with me, Dad tells me bed time story even if I am a big girl now. I have a huge collection of books some are story books and some are encyclopaedia. Dad says general knowledge is very important. They gift me books on most of the festivals and occasions, I like it.
Mom has got me into kathak classes, I feel fresh and happy when I dance. Last year we went to dad’s ancestral village, their dad taught me to swim in the river and a well, by tying the huge dry coconuts on my back, can you believe it? It was scary initially, but lot of fun.
I like going to school on my birthday, we can wear what we want and can give toffees to friends. We don’t have birthday parties as such, but mom does tika to me and give me new clothes.
It’s my 10th birthday and I have called few of my friends at my home to celebrate it. Mom has planned to make Chole Puri, one of my favourites and my aunt is bringing the cake. None of my friends had cake for their birthdays as of now. Everyone is busy with decorating the house and I have not been scolded the entire day today. Happy me. Do come to my birthday Party.

This blog of part of #A2Z Challenge, there will be 26 blogs in this series all the blogs are in continuation. I am writing them from Z to A, as the story also flows from Death towards life. Hope you enjoy knowing Antara’s journey.

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