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The journey from author to blogger has been successfully achieved with the help of family, blogger friends and of course blog chatter. However, after being an author is what I realize that its important for an author to be read, reviewed and appreciated by the readers, it motivates and gives confidence.

As I want more and more people to read, share and review my writing work, I am sure I have to be equally a good reader myself. I am starting my new journey as a reviewer with this wonderful book called ‘Insta Women’ by ‘Nupur Maskara’.

While going thru the BlogChatterEbookLibrary, I came across this book and as they say ‘first impression’, yes, the book cover made an amazing impression on me and compelled me to pick it up and read. Although I was unaware till I started reading that it’s a collection of poems, monologues by women whose lives were no less than battles, battle with self, society and power. That’s some action.

Let’s start with the Author, Nupur comes across as a very professional writer, she knows her subject really well. As a Wonderful Poet she doesn’t write very long articles, however whatever she writes she makes sure it makes an impact. Her muse is women, she understands and depicts their pain and victory clearly through her words. She is an author of Insta Gita, a summary of the Bhagavad Gita; with Arjuna’s perspective in poetry. Nupur blogs at

About the Book

As the author claims, stories and lives of all these women is surely motivating. Insta Women Dramatic Monologues by Drama Queens has real life poems straight from the mare’s mouth. Read 29 famous women’s stories, about the lives they’ve lived. From criminals to doctors, artists to feminists, you’ll find someone you identify with.


This book can surely give you goosebumps, once you start reading and empathizing with these women you will know what struggle is. Struggle for survival. Nupur is absolutely able to translate the feelings in words. Many Lines in the book will be stuck in your mind for long. They reach to heart.

She has done great research on these 29 ladies, as the list is versatile. It has Noor Jahal, hazrat Mahal to betty friedan, Mary Lyon. The list has queens, artists, working women, feminist and what not. The book shows women didn’t get anything easy, they had to fight and are still fighting for many rights.

I am sure you have heard of some women and some are new to you, so if you are looking for real life role models grab this book, it won’t disappoint you. Its informative, motivating and entertaining.

Although on the slack side, I felt a little too harsh on men in those time, crude and straightforward words are tough to go down the throat but true at the same time.

I would rate this book 4.5/5 as its so versatile, precise and simply wonderful.

I liked reading this book and so will you.

This review has been written as part of the Blogchatter Book Review Program

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