Mmmm…. Maggi #BharatkaZaika

Vacations are always dear to every one irrespective of age, no matter what is the type of vacation pilgrimage, adventure or leisure they are always special as they bring us lots of memories and learning. There is no better way of learning new things than travelling, however some of these journeys are super memorable.

Couple of years back we also have one such vacation, it was a long weekend connected to 15th Aug. The office schedule for both of us and the routine of school and exam was getting gruesome for us as well as for our 5-year-old, and all of us very more than excited to take a break and utilize this long weekend, we planned to go to Mussoorie and Dhanaulti. So, we planned to drive till Mussoorie, so the sightseeing kempty falls and all and hire a cab for Dhanaulti and back. Considering the rush, we had planned and booked our stay in advance, it was a beautiful resort a little away from main Mussoorie city. Every thing was going as per plan, we enjoyed Mussoorie lake, camels back road, mall road, Bhatta falls and specially the Eco park at Dhanaulti.

kempty falls.jpg

It was our time to start the descend, we had a couple of things including the aloo parathas which I got packed from the hotel staff along with few cookies and snacks to eat along the way.  We were so refreshed and ready to get into the grind again, with a promise to each other that we will have more of such vacations and breaks in future. We had hardly travelled for 3 hours when we saw a huge jam ahead, we got the sense while Ascending that all the people of Delhi NCR were on the hills during this particular weekend, as all the cars we saw had Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon registered number plates. So we thought the traffic will keep moving, but we were at the same spot for thirty minutes, we started getting restless and hence my husband got down to enquire about the problem, then we cam to know that there is a landslide and no one knows hoe long will it take, or should I say as per Mr. Bull from Peppa Pig that “It will take as much time it takes”… although we were positive that things will get better, however the local cab drivers were murmuring that the damage is more and it might take entire night and in all this our kids was fast asleep on the back seat probably dreaming about fun at vacation. The cars were not moving at all and even it started getting darker. In addition to that, intermittent yet heavy showers were also adding to the problem of clearing the road as well as for the people in Jam to get a breather. We had already consumed what ever we had brought, now the worry was about food as it was uncertain that how long we have to be in this situation, in the site was only two small roadside shops, serving Maggi and chai.


Ohh!!! Till the early morning our only source of food was from those two small shops, the people were courteous, we requested them to make masala-less Maggi also for our kid and they happily cooperated. Those 10 hours of stuck at nowhere, if we would not have had Maggi to fill our stomach it would have been more than bearable.

Whenever we remember and talk about our vacations, this trip surely comes up in discussion. Maggi has been a consistent member in almost all Indian kitchens, recently there are so many innovations happening around Maggi like Maggi Pakora, Maggi Burger and even Maggi Pizza.

I love these two minutes noodles, and they are part of most of the Indian kitchens.


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55 thoughts on “Mmmm…. Maggi #BharatkaZaika

  1. I know it must have been nerve-wracking but the memory is so sweet Ujjwal! You should have sent this in for the contest that Maggi had a couple of years ago- about memories of Maggi. You would have definitely won that!

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  2. Mmmmm yes it has to be Maggi.
    Maggi had been a savior to many people be it, bachelors, kids at home, students preparing for exams, late night working people or just late night owls, not in a mood to eat dinner types or even jaldi se bhuk lagi, it has been part of Indian families since ages. Lovely post and glad Maggi made the trip memorable even if it was difficult in unknown place stuck in jam.

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  3. Maggi is my girls favorite and I had also used it as so many times as survival food. Loved reading your experience. #bharatkazaika #blogboosterindia

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  4. Undoubtedly, Maggie is a savior many times for everyone!!Your story of maggie pulled me back to those flashback memories of mumbai flood ,when mumbaikars and their maggie came out as a savior for thousands of flood victims including my husband. 3 CHEERS for MAGGIE!!!


  5. This 2 minutes recipe is a to-go and permanent member in every Indian family. I remember when they put a band on Maggi for a duration how happy I was seeing it back on the shelves. Recently. I read a recipe Maggi Manchurian..This itself shows, how versatile this yellow packet is… Stay blessed always..Maggi and you too Ujjwal for writing such a yummilicious post along with sweet memories..

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  6. Maggi has been saviour for me when I first landed on foreign land as a student and now it is a saviour when v move out with our little one! Great write up.

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  7. That’s one memory that you love to relive over and over again, I’m sure. I’m not a big fan of Maggi but it indeed is one of the easily available snack options while travelling.

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  8. Ohh such a heart-wrenching connection to Maggi. I am not fond of it that much but yes when you cannot get any damn thing to eat, maggi is always a saviour

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  9. That must had been a tough time for you and your family. Thank God, those shops were serving people during that long waiting. My husband and I love having veggie maggi. It once used to be my every saturday breakfast. I did not want to cook on saturday morning and used to sleep till late. After getting up, I used to make two packets of maggi. It is easy to cook and yum in taste. Now my 5 year old is a maggi fan too. However, we now limit how much we have maggi. We are parents now 🙂

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  10. Maggi and hill stations are synonymous. Every hill station has these small shops selling tea and Maggi. I have seen that Maggi somehow tastes best in the hills, may be it’s because of the weather or that we are tired and hungry. But our no trip to the hills is complete without a bowl of hot Maggi.
    Glad that you had some nice Maggi memories despite the trouble on the road.

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  11. We all know a friend in need is a friend indeed. Now Isnt Maggi a real friend? I have travelled to a lot of places with my kid who refuse to eat any local food and all this while I have been highly dependant on Maggi.


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