8 Moms you meet at bus stop every day #myfriendAlexa

Getting up before everyone wakes up, make tea or coffee, make tiffin, wake up kids. Pursue them to do brush, take shower, get ready off course make them eat something healthy and filling and do all this with a prompt eye on the clock so that we can catch the school bus, the race in the morning which starts with the alarm clock and goes on till the kid successfully boards the school bus. This is the morning routine for the first few hours since I get up every day.

Till the time kids are infants and toddlers this race doesn’t begin in our lives, however once the formal schooling starts. Doing pickup and drop from school is not practical in a long run if the child has siblings who either are not the school age or both kids have different bus timings. So even if we want to be part of this race or not, it becomes part of our lives.

With this race comes a social gathering, morning and afternoon. The other moms who are on this mommy duty, although I am not being gender biased here, a few daddies also come to drop kids but their number is always negligible.  Some mothers also become good friends, gym partners and also help each other when required. My blogger mind finds a topic for writing on everything around me, as I was coming back home after bidding my son goodbye, after he boarded the bus this topic stuck to my mind. When I thought a little more about it, I came up with this list, here we go. Let’s explore they types of mum’s we see every say at school bus stop.

  1. Night-Dress Mom

I am sure you must have seen or known this one, they are standing to wave at their kids wearing a nighty or a night dress. I never understood, how much time it takes to quickly change into a more socially acceptable clothing. It gets weird with a shall or chunni on it. Uuuurrrhhhhh…. I might be sounding Judgemental, but honestly, it’s not a right clothing.


  1. Chatter-box Mom or Know it all Mom


This mom wants to utilize this time for socializing and networking, she wants to get and share all the juicy gossips during these few minutes only. Which activities are happening in the complex, what’s she doing in her life and anything under the sky are part of these conversations. She mostly is part of all the kitty parties being hosted in the colony and hence knows every other woman. Knows all the gossips. Even at school she is so well connected with parents of kids from other sections that she knows what they are being taught and even manages to get notes from them before exams. She has phone number from transport in-charge to school counsellor. She can also tell you what’s happening in other schools. She gets so engrossed in chats that really doesn’t really acknowledge that the child has boarded the bus and has gone too.


  1. Fitness Freak Mom


You will see her in gym wear, either she is coming back from gym or she will be heading towards one the moment the child leaves.  Sometimes they want the child also to participate in the warm-up, and kid should complete 1000 steps before reaching school. It’s good to a certain extent but overdoing can only create funny situations.


  1. Competitive Mom

Her mind is always analyzing what has her child achieved and what more needs to be done for him to remain on the top. Her kids are enrolled in all type of classes available in nearby areas may it be football, swimming, abacus, calligraphy and even dance and guitar. You name any activity and she makes sure her kids are attending it, she takes the pain of doing their pickup and drop, carries extra tiffin and water for them as she picks them up at bus stop and head directly for one or the other type of coaching. Her knowledge about exams syllabus and projects is updated, in fact she is prepared before time giving you complex.


  1. Always Complaining Mom


The moment you say Hello, she starts cribbing right from how her child doesn’t get up and get ready on time, how the maids are uncooperative, school bus comes early, school fees are high and unrealistic, exam syllabus is too much as compared to her relatives kids, her boss is not good, day care of her kids isn’t great either. She has a problem with everything. Everything in the world is not up to her expectation and needs improvement, they are so infectious that once the negative tone sets in the person, they are speaking with also gets into a similar zone. You better keep a distance from them.


  1. Non-social Mom

These moms come, say hello and then you see them directly next morning. They neither know much about anything happening in the complex nor are they keen to know and participate. The moment the kid boards the bus, they wave a goodbye and get away from all that crowd the very next moment.  There might be a genuine reason that they don’t have time to socialize, however they may be non-social however they are not anti-social either.


  1. Always Late Mom

These moms are running to stop the bus, they are late every day, it gets embarrassing for the kids too. She might forget the tiffin or misses the alarm or just get late for no reason.

They call up some parent and ask them to stop the bus. Sometimes the child reaches and stops the bus and the mum runs behind with the school bag. Everyday her friends try to tell her to come early to which she agrees but the next day is no different.


  1. Multitasking Mom

She is super occupied and still makes time to come and drop the kid, she already has a list of chores on fingertips, following up with maid who is late, calling up the cab driver or day-care cab for pickup of the second child, might have to attend an office call or a con-call. She is juggling with multiple tasks and even answering the queries the child is asking, writing the final minute note in his almanac for the teacher. All this in those ten minutes. She is super agile, attentive and competitive.

Although when I discussed this topic with my 11 year old he had his own list like Cool mom, the mom who doesn’t stop the child from doing anything, lets him do whatever he wishes too. Irritating mom, mom who keeps giving instructions by verbal or non-verbal communication even when the child has boarded the bus. I don’t care mom who doesn’t even bother to say goodbye to kids, feeding mum’s who keep feeding the child one thing after the other till he boards the bus and so on. I liked his inputs too. How about you, did you ever meet mum’s from these categories, or do you know someone different, do share I am very much interested in hearing.

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31 thoughts on “8 Moms you meet at bus stop every day #myfriendAlexa

  1. Ha ha ha this was a fun read. In the building I lived in previously, we used to see so many moms and they were invariably from your list of moms! As an outsider its always fun to see moms trying so hard to be both caring and competitive.

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  2. Ha ha such an interesting read and yes you had spotted right, I also observed these kind of moms when I go for pick and drop for my girls..I would say I am a competive mom, who always keep a strong focus on all academic and extra curricular activities of my girls. #Surbhireads #Myfriendalexa

    Liked by 1 person

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