8 Cars up to 5 Lakhs in India #MyfriendAlexa

Car Hunt, is as vast as a house hunt. Once we settle in our first job buying a car is on top of the list, my brother wanted to get his first car, his budget was up to 5 Lakhs , he wanted a car packed with features, looks power and mileage all in one, we visited a couple of near by showrooms an gathered quotations, those lead us to further confusion. While doing the survey’s and research I came up with the list of top 8 Cars in the segment of 5 Lakhs, here is the list

  1. Tata Tiago:

Tata needs no introduction; the quality of cars enhances the trust for the brand.  Tata Nano, Tata Bolt are also two cars apart from Tiago those are available in the budget of 5L, I am highlighting Tiago as its true value for money. It comes in Petrol as well as Diesel. It zooms from 0to 100KMs/hr in 18 sec for Petrol and 17sec for Diesel. Top Speed is 150Km/Hr.


This car comes in 10 variants with 6 amazing colour options. In this segment it has a long list of features which includes ABS, Airbags, Bluetooth-connectivity, Multi-drive-more. Corner stability control, modern styling and good cabin space to its account. It is a Hatchback with seating capacity for 5 People. This car has amazing fuel efficiency.

  • Price: ₹ 3,39,821 – 6,38,000
  • Colours: Orange, Blue, Silver, Brown, White, Red
  • Mileage: Petrol – 23.84 km/l, Diesel – 27.28 km/l
  • Engine CC and Cylinders: Petrol – 1199cc, 3-Cylinders, Diesel – 1047cc, 3-Cylinders

Now you know why in the launch year 2017, this car won many awards including Car of the year, Compact car of the year, Hatchback of the year and ‘Make in India’ award.


  1. Maruti Ignis:

No other Auto manufacturer in India enjoys the trust Maruti has earned with its cars, durability and service. In recent years Maruti has come up with amazing performance and Designs in the new range from Baleno, S-cross, Ciaz as well as Ignis.

Maruti Ignis is a hatchback with compact crossover features. Its design is offbeat and peppy, attracting younger crowd. They are available in NEXA showrooms.

Maruti Ignis.jpg

It comes in Petrol as well as diesel variants, and has many features like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Projector headlamps, push button start etc.

In Safety features apart from ABS with EBD and dual air bags, the feature I liked the most is ISOFIX child seat anchors. In Delta grade variant you will also get rear seat adjustable headrest and safety alarm. You might not find exteriors too appealing however I would suggest taking a look inside, it will not fail to impress you.

  • Price: ₹ 4,56,000 – 8,08,000/-
  • Mileage: Petrol – 20.89 km/l, Diesel – 26.80 km/l
  • Colours: Red, Silver, White, Blue, Grey
  • Engine CC, Cylinders: Petrol 1197cc, 3-Cylinders Diesel 1248cc, 4-Cylinders


  1. Hyundai Grandi10:

Hyundai is one of the most selling brands in the budget segment cars. Their oldest model Santro had many facelifts and is still giving competitors run for their money. All these cars are packed with features and value for money.

Hyundai i10 also comes with many variants and facelifts, Grand i10 comes packaged with many great features in this segment of cars like key less entry and push button start, rear parking sensor, ABS, rare AC vent, touch screen audio system with Bluetooth etc.

Hyundai Grandi10.jpg

It comes in 4 diesel variants and 5 petrol variants. Its spacious for passengers as well as for the luggage. It zooms in 13 secs for petrol and 13.5 secs for diesel cars from 0-100KM/hr

  • Price: ₹ 4,57,000 – 7,32,000/-
  • Mileage: Petrol – 19.77 km/l (MT), Petrol – 17.49 km/l (AT) km/l, Diesel – 24.95 km/l
  • Colours: Fiery Red, Star Dust, Typhoon Silver, Polar White, Mariana Blue, Flame Orange
  • Engine CC, Cylinders: Petrol 1197cc, 4-Cylinders, Diesel 1186cc, 3-Cylinders


  1. Mahindra KUV100NXT:

Mahindra sells total 16 variants in the country. Scorpio, Thar, XUV500 and many other Premium products. KUV100, is a hatchback with some style inspiration from SUV. The car comes in petrol as well as diesel engine. The model comes with puddle lamp, climate control, mood lighting, touchscreen infotainment unit, 2 airbags and many such features. It has a sitting capacity of 6 people. The car zooms from 0-100 Km/hr in 13.96seconds for petrol and 14.63Seconds in diesel.

Mahindra KUV100NXT.jpg

  • Price: ₹ 4,39,000 – 7,40,000/-
  • Colours: Blue, Black, White, Red
  • Mileage: Petrol – Petrol – 18.15 km/l, Diesel – 25.32 km/l
  • Engine CC and Cylinders: Petrol – 1198cc, 3-Cylinders, Diesel – 1198cc, 3-Cylinders


  1. Datsun GO Plus:

Datsun go when launched in India in 2013, was loved of different interiors. The car is spacious however the brand took some time to pick u and win trust of the buyers. However now after investing almost 5 years it has a decent credibility.


Datsun Go Plus is a 7-seater with an amazing boot capacity of 347L. It comes in 7 variants all in petrol. Car makers have worked on the Interiors as well as exteriors of the car and made is look sharp. Engine is peppy, however there is still scope to work towards safety apart from dual air bags.

Datsun also has Datsun Go and Datsun Redi-go which come not the budget of less than 5L, are 5-seater with 999CC engine. Datsun Redi-go also comes with a 5 years unlimited Km warranty by the manufacturer.

  • Price: ₹ 3,86,821 – 5,94,000
  • Colours: Bronze Grey, Crystal Silver, Sun Stone Brown, White, Vivid Blue, Ruby Red
  • Mileage: 19.83 km/l
  • Engine CC and Cylinders: Petrol – 1198cc, 3-Cylinders


  1. Honda Brio

As they say Old is Gold, this is true for this zippy, smooth and rider’s car. How do I know it? Because I drive her. This car has amazing response time while navigating through the city traffic, it just takes you out of traffic in no time. It was launched in India in 2011 and its still among the top 8 cars in this segment. It has a top speed of 140km/he and takes you from 0-100 in less than 13 secs. It has capacity of 5 passengers including driver, comes with dual air bags, ABS with EBD.

Honda Brio.jpg

Although it is available on Honda India’s site however the news it its going to be replaced by a new Honda car as the manufacturing is stopped by the makers.

  • Price: ₹ 4,76,000 – 6,88,000/-
  • Colours: Red, Grey, Blue, Silver, Black, white
  • Mileage: 18.9 km/l
  • Engine CC and Cylinders: 1198cc, 4-Cylinders


  1. Bajaj Qute

Right now, is the time to reduce our carbon footprints, to sustain life on earth. We all know the vehicle pollution is the largest contributor towards carbon footprints, Bajaj comes up with Qute, which is a Quadricycles. Quadricycles are 4-wheeled motor vehicles with much less power and speed than conventional small cars. It has made its presence felt in Europe, Canada and the USA. Max speed it can achieve is 70km/hr.


Engine is at the back, that is rare mounted. It has a monocoque, impact resistant body. It can run on petrol as well as CNG, its even preferred for public transport over three wheelers.

  • Price: CNG – ₹ 2,83,787 Petrol – ₹. 2,63,741/-
  • Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Engine CC and Cylinders: Petrol – 216.6cc, 1-Cylinders


  1. Renault KWID:

Renault comes from the French carmakers in the hatch back segment, one of my friends own it and she is more than happy with the response from her car. KWID comes with two engine options 0.8 litre and1.0liters as well as comes with Automatic Gearbox that has AMT transmission with 1.0 litre engine. It zooms from 0-100KM/he in approx. 15-16 seconds. Top speed for 0.8 is 146 km/hr and for 1.0 its 150km/hr. Mileage varies from manual to Auto and between 0.8 and 1.0 however its between 23-25km/L.


It’s a good city car as it’s compact, for safety features it has ABS however only has driver side airbags. It is the only car in this segment that offers rare parking camera.

  • Price: ₹ 2,75,000 – 4,59,000/-
  • Colours: Outback Bronze, Moonlight Silver, Ice cool White, Planet Grey, Fiery Red
  • Mileage: 04 km/l (AMT) – 1.0/ 25.17 km/l – 0.8, 23.01 km/l (MT) – 1.0
  • Engine CC and Cylinders: Petrol – 799cc, 3-Cylinders – 0.8, 999cc, 3 – 1.0


Apart from the cars that I mentioned there are a few more that surely needs special mentions like Renault Triber, is a modular hatchback that also doubles up as a sub-4 metre MPV. Premier Rio is one of the best cars for long drives as it offers comfortable seat and mileage of almost 24km/l and Maruti Celerio it is one of the most common cars in this segment, as in India people trust the manufacturer the most.


I have given you the list, have you made your pick?


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18 thoughts on “8 Cars up to 5 Lakhs in India #MyfriendAlexa

  1. Car reviews…I do them too and the Hyundai i10 is my favourite in the small car category. It was my ride for almost ten years. That was great research done and u shared all the prices too. It makes it very easy to choose the one that suits your pocket.

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  2. Vroom..vroom … Now a days, cars have become so affordable and they come from such reputed brands. Always fun to have your own dream wheels. Thanks for sharing the options here.

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